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Battery Tester

BLT600 Battery Load Tester

The BLT 600 battery load tester is designed for the automobile professional whose livelyhood and reputation depends on accurate assessment of the condition of batteries brought to him. Maintenance shops, battery centres, garages and fleet owners will find this rugged load tester an indispensable tool for quick and reliable analysis of lead/calcium acid batteries.

A combination of a high quality carbon pile, robust compression frame and accurate volt and amp meters ensures that the load tester gives precise readings for loads adjustable between 0 to 600 amp.

Voltmeter: 12V Range 0 - 15V; 6V Range (0 - 7.5V
Max Battery Capacity: 200 Ah
Discharge Current: 0 - 600 Amp
Dimension: 350 x 300 x 320
Weight: 8.7 kg

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