• Autopro 20 golf cart charger

Hawkins battery chargers are the leading brand in South Africa. Since Hawkins developed the 36/10 dual charger in 1961 Hawkins battery chargers covers a wide range of applications in the, domestic, leisure, professional and industrial battery charger suitable to every industry’s needs.

The Hawkins battery charger brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, ruggedness, robustness and serviceability. Stringent quality processes ensure that products meet demanding industrial standards and specifications.

Hawkins battery chargers offers a 2-year warranty and a Standard Repair Cost per product if it is less than 10 years old.  Simply call our service department or e-mail: repairs@hawkins.co.za for the standard repair cost that applies to your product.

Prices include VAT and we offer a cost effective delivery service anywhere in South Africa.

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