Hawkins AutoPro 35 – 12 volt 35 amp automatic battery charger

R11 609.25

The Hawkins Autopro 35 is a three stage temperature compensated fully automatic microprocessor controlled units. The three charging stages are identified as Bulk, Absorption and Float. These chargers are suitable for charging all types of Lead / Calcium-, Flooded-, Maintenance Free-, Sealed-, Gel and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries.

During the first charging stage, a constant current is applied replacing the bulk of the battery energy. During the second charging stage, the battery terminal voltage is held constant while the charging current reduces to a minimum and the final energy is absorbed by the battery. After the battery has been fully replenished the charger will switch to the last stage maintaining the battery terminal voltage at the float point indefinitely.

Safety features includes transformer temperature monitoring, which would reduce the charger current should the transformer exceed a set elevated temperature. An 18 hour safety timer protects the charger from remaining in the bulk charging stage for prolonged periods due to a faulty battery. Potential free clamps avoid sparking when connecting or removing the battery clamps in a potentially volatile environment. The Hawkins Autopro 35 is protected against accidentally shorting the leads while a replaceable fuse protects the chargers against prolonged fault currents. The Auto Pro range of chargers are housed in a robust steel cabinet using a durable powder epoxy coated paint.
The Auto Pro chargers were designed in compliance with IEC 335-2-2 and has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Hawkins Autopro 35 is locally manufactured.


Conforms to SABS IEC 335-2-29

Rated Input Voltage : 230 Vac

Rated Output Voltage : 12 Vdc

Rated Output Current : 35 Adc

Weight: 11,5 Kg

Size: 230 x 220 x 285

Data Sheet

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 230 × 220 × 285 mm

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