Hawkins AutoPro 50 – 12 volt fully regulated and temperature compensated charger

R20 685.05

The Hawkins AutoPro 50 is a fully regulated and temperature compensated charger that is available in both 12V and 24V versions. The charger is specifically intended to charge large capacity batteries rapidly and safely and may be used in standby mode – i.e. left connected to the battery for lengthy periods – without fear of overcharging and damaging the battery. It may be used to charge both conventional flooded and/or sealed batteries. The charger is reverse polarity protected to prevent serious damage that can occur from wrong connections.

The Hawkins AutoPro 5 is designed to conform to what is know as an IUI profile i.e. constant current, constant voltage, constant current. During the first charging stage, a constant current is applied replacing the bulk of the battery energy. During the second charging stage, the battery terminal voltage is held constant while the charging current reduces to a minimum and the final energy is absorbed by the battery. Once the current has dropped to a pre-set value, the voltage is allowed to fold back to 13,8V for the 12V version and 27,6V for the 24V version. The charger includes a temperature compensation feature so that the charger performance is adjusted for ambient conditions i.e. higher voltage in cold weather and lower in warmer weather.

The Hawkins AutoPro 50 of chargers were designed to conform to IEC 335-2-2 and has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Charger is locally manufactured.

Conforms to SABS IEC 335-2-29

Input Voltage : 230Vac

Battery Voltage : 12Vdc

Charge Current : 50Adc

Dimensions : 360/365/325mm

Weight: 28,7Kg

Data Sheet

Weight 28.7 kg
Dimensions 360 × 365 × 325 mm
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