Hawkins Smart Controller. Convert any charger into a Smart Charger

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Hawkins Smart Controller converts a manual charger into a smart charger.

The Hawkins Smart Controller is an add-on product that will convert a manual charger into a smart charger. It is  capable of charging 12/24 or 36 volt batteries. The Smart Controller can deliver up to 20 amp and is protected by a circuit breaker.

Several Smart Controllers can be operated simultaneously enabling a flexible multiple battery charger from a single manual charger. For example: Using a Pro 16 set to 36 v and three Smart Controllers will divide the current among 9 batteries of different capacities per branch not over- or under-charging any of the batteries.

The Hawkins Smart Controller can be used as a solar charger for a battery back-up power system. Combining the Smart Controller with solar panels and an inverter would make for a very simple and effective power standby system.

The Hawkins Controller is immune to polarity change and also includes a 25 Amp circuit breaker making it electrically virtually indestructible.


Input Voltage: 12 – 44 Vdc
Output Voltage: Selectable 12/24/36V and indicator
Output Current: 20 Amp (Breaker Protected)
Smart Controller can be left connected to the battery indefinitely.
Protection against short circuit. overload and reverse polarity.
Charge indicator: Connected, Charging and Charged
Input terminals are polarity insensitive studs to connect to the manual charger

Dimensions : 190/95/85mm

Weight: 0.9 kg

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 190 × 95 × 85 mm
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