Hawkins Pro 615 Multiple Battery Charger

R10 690.40

The Hawkins Pro 615 battery charger is ideally suited for small businesses offering a TV battery recharging service or large vehicle workshops where up to 6 x 12V batteries need to charged simultaneously. 3 batteries are connected in series and this is connected to 1 set of charging leads (Bank 1). A second set of 3 batteries connected in series can be connected to the second set of charging leads (Bank 2). A voltage selector switch allows the user to select 12V,24V or 36V for each bank. The charge rate selector is used to control the current on each bank.Each bank is protected on the input side by an internal mains fuse and on the output side by a circuit breaker and a fuse.

The Hawkins Pro 615 was  designed in compliance with IEC 335-2-2 and has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Hawkins chargers are designed and manufactured in the republic of South Africa. A printable data sheet is available in PDF format.

Conforms to SABS IEC 335-2-29

Input Voltage : 230Vac

Battery Voltage: 12/24/36V

Charge Current: 10 Adc per each output.

Data Sheet

Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 445 × 200 × 200 mm

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