Hawkins Smart 6 – 12 volt 3.2 amp battery charger.

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The Hawkins Smart 6 is an automatic charger suitable to keep batteries that are not in daily use, fully charged by connecting and leaving it on your battery. Typical applications include standby generators, gate motor batteries, alarm batteries, motorbikes, vintage cars, boat and caravan batteries.

The Hawkins Smart 6 is suitable to keep batteries that are not in daily use, fully charged when one goes on holiday for a couple of weeks and the car is parked at home, connect the charger to the car battery and when you return, the battery will be fully charged. This prevents you from coming back to a dead battery and loosing the car computer programming. Can be connected many applications such as standby generators, gate motor batteries, electric fence and alarm batteries and the like to keep the battery fully charged ready for use.

The Hawkins Smart 6 battery charger is intended to meet market requirements as an affordable automatic battery charger in particular for general domestic use. The unit is made from high quality materials and components which conforms to IEC 335-2-29 on performance, safety, and electromagnetic interference. It is designed specifically for flooded lead acid batteries and sealed batteries.

The Hawkins Smart 6 is an automatic charger which delivers its rated current until the voltage on the battery reaches a preset level. The charger will then switch off, wait for the battery to drop down to the minimum set point, and then switch on again. The Smart 6 will cycle in this fashion indefinitely. The charger is electronically controlled and may be left permanently attached to the battery without danger, provided the battery’s condition is monitored on a regular basis.

Potential free clamps avoid sparking when connecting or removing the battery clamps in a potentially volatile environment. The charger is reverse polarity protected. The Smart range of chargers were designed in compliance with IEC 335-2-2 and has a two year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Smart chargers require a minimum voltage on the batteries before they will start charging, for a 12V battery it is 10V.

Charger is locally manufactured.

Conforms to SABS IEC 335-2-29

Input Voltage : 230Vac

Battery Voltage : 12Vdc

Charge Current : 3,2Adc

Dimensions : 190/95/85mm

Weight: 1,9Kg

Product Data Sheet

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 190 × 95 × 85 mm

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